Booria Carpet Weaver is an advanced solution for processing the carpet designs and converting them into machine specific production data supporting, single, double and triple rapier, face to face and incorporate techniques with a large range of weave sets.




With this software, producers can create their own weave sets or work with predefined ones, load their designs, view their converted desigv n and save the converted design in machine specific file formats and tries to reach the best weave which suits each design.
The user-friendly environment of this technical solution enables users to do their important tasks simply. Tasks like creating new weave sets, creating wide range of filters, defining denting and converting the designs can be done as best as it could due to graphical environment which the software provides its users for viewing, creating and editing.


This technical solution includes 4 main sections:

  • Weave Set Editor
  • Converting Design
  • 2D and 3D Cross Section Viewer
  • Batch Processing

Weave Set Editor: Enables users to create and edit weave sets base on their machine types, required technical specifications and design. Weave Sets Editor also support different types of filter creation.

Three methods of filter creation are supported:

  • Description Based
  • Index Based
  • and User Defined Based.




Converting Design: User can open a design, which can be sent directly from Booria Carpet Designer, and then define a weave set. The software will convert the design in different machine file formats like: EP, JC5, DAT and DES (Booria’s Loom Controller file format).




Cross Section Viewer: After design conversion, users can view the whole design in cross section format and find out how the design is going to be woven before production and eliminate the weave mistakes manually. In this advanced and unique feature users can scroll the dent line or enter the dent line number to find the required dent line and view its cross section. It is also possible to view the cross section with design colors to understand and follow each frame easily.




Cross Section before and after filter processing


Batch Processing: This unique feature of Booria Carpet Weaver, enables users to convert different designs with different weave sets into different machine file formats just in one window and by one click which can be sent directly from Booria Carpet Designer just by one click!






  • Powerful and user-friendly
  • Support Single, double and triple rapier machine types
  • Ability for creating wide range of weave sets, basic weaves and filters
  • Supporting all common basic weave sets
  • 2D and 3D Cross Section Viewer, for viewing, creating and editing basic all weaves and filters



3D Cross Section view of 1/2 weaving, generated by Booria Carpet Weaver

  • Support Double Point and Carpet Folding
  • Supporting 3 position Jacquards
  • Advance filter design solution
  • Automatic mix contour and double worker filter creation
  • Ability to view the peg plan of the design in cross section view window with original colors
  • Ability to select a frame for viewing the frame behavior in desired dent line
  • Ability to create up to 32 filters in 3 different methods
  • Support Denting for odd number of frames
  • Supporting all common graphical file formats (BMP, PCX, GIF, TIF, PNG, PAT and …)
  • Demonstrate each colors weave in the color palette with a tooltip
  • Change the color position in the color palette with drag and drop facilities
  • Supporting EP, JC5, DAT and DES files
  • Batch processing
  • Connect directly to Booria Carpet Designer

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