Booria Robotuft (Hand-tuft Robot) is an advanced robotic machine for producing wide range of modern and fashionable tufted carpets and area rugs. This advanced robot is able to handle your single orders, mass production running as well as sampling.
Depending on the pile heights (13–75mm), tuft effects (U-tuft Cut Pile, J-tuft Cut Pile and Loop Pile), yarn material, thickness and number of yarn ends to be tufted, wide range of tufted carpets and area rugs collections will be achievable. In addition, variety of colors and yarns in type, thickness and material whether is Wool, Polyester, Nylon, Linen, Polypropylene, Cotton or their blends let one create fantastic and unique effects.



Robotuft BR-III 3×4,
(Effective area 3200×4200 mm)


Through this special product, all the difficulties for hand-tuft carpet design creation will be eliminated and variety comes to your production.

By using the well integrated solution of Booria, Robotuft and dedicated carpet designing software “Booria Carpet Designer”, making variety in design, colors and tuft effects will be no more time-consuming or costly. Moreover creating 3D effects (variable pile heights) will be fulfilled easily in Robotuft and designing software. This fully functional combination enables producers to rapidly respond to market demands and become more flexible. It is better to say, you are a few hours away from design concepts to tufted carpet by Robotuft.

Ability to produce with maximum speed of tufting gun (2000 stitches/minute) without any vibration or instability in mechanical structure is achieved by using unique German quality structure. This rigid and well engineered structure will lead to higher production rates and make it long life product.
Utilizing advanced controller with six servo motors and four accurate linear drives for controlling all actions in robot cause higher tufting accuracy, increasing speed of un-tufted moves and decreasing the stoppages, all lead to higher efficiency. The leading edge technology makes the robot agile and smart.



Smart cut and loop forming system is also such that it gives higher efficiency and flexibility. After defining the pile type in software as cut or loop, the robot will switch smartly between each and no need to halt the production for changing from cut to loop or vice versa.

Meanwhile by using variable pile heights system you will be able to create 3D effects on the tufted carpet and rugs.


به پیش

Variable pile heights system for creating 3D effects


Easy handling and smooth running let one personnel control and run several robots and consequently lead to considerable labor cost reduction. It also eliminates human production errors and let you produce high quality and complicated products with the same hand tuft look.




This unique robot has the potency to produce different fashionable products which can lead to a rapid return of investment (less than one year), if Robotuft is operated at full production capacity.

Booria Carpet Designer Robotuft Edition is a comprehensive solution which is able to meet all designing tasks in handmade, machine made and robotic tufted carpet and rug production.

This advanced solution is coming with flexible set of drawing tools and complete range of designing functions and features, which are increasing the designing speed, accuracy and proficiency of hand-tuft robots.

In Booria Carpet Designer Robotuft Edition handy and advanced tools and functions of pixel-based designing, enable the designers to prepare vector-based designs for robotic tufted area rugs. This ability leads to rapid, versatile and beautiful area rug design preparation which once was the main problem for this type of area rug production. Rug designs can be freely prepared in pixel-based format and can be converted to vector-based format by utilizing advanced conversion function to be tufted on robot. Accompanied with important features and functions, this revolutionary raster to vector conversion solution enables the designers to create various designs freely.




Through this special product, all the difficulties for hand-tuft carpet design creation will be eliminated and variety comes to your production.



Original Raster design (on left)
and the converted Vectorized design ready for tufting (on right)

This software also calculates and optimizes the best path for robot moves which will speed the tufting process significantly. Consequently this will reduce the production time and the costs as well. Designers will meet no boundaries and they will find the designing process the sweetest part of the job. Even they can easily import vector and raster designs or digital images in Booria Carpet Designer, reduce the number of colors to their desired ones, clean and retouch it with a wide range of functions and drawing tools and make it ready to be tufted with Robotuft in a few minutes.

By using outstanding 3D Carpet designing plug-in, creating 3D effects (variable pile heights) in the tufted carpets will be fulfilled easily in Robotuft (Hand-tuft Robot). Booria Carpet Designer Robotuft Edition with 3D Carpet designing plug-in is fully compatible with Booria hand-tuft robot, Robotuft.

This unique set of hardware and software can bring many advantages for area rug producers such as rapid response to the market trends. Producers are just hours away from the final products because the responding time to market inquiries, from idea to production, can be reduced to hours and even minutes!



  • Vectorizer tool with smoothing function (to convert raster designs into vector designs)
  • 3D Carpet designing plug-in (optional)
  • Vector editing tools such as: Move, Join, Split, Reverse Direction, Extend, etc.
  • Different tools such as: Fill, Offset, Measure, Pen, etc.
  • Different filling algorithms: Zigzag in different angles, Offset polygon and Spiral
  • Filtering functions for optimized production
  • Production time calculation
  • Preview of production process
  • Import and Export to major Raster and Vector files; such as: HIT, DXF, DWF, PLT, BMP, PCX, GIF, TIF, PNG etc.
  • Export to machine coded files
  • View raster and vector layers of the same design file at one place, with many viewing options
  • Color-coded vectors with respect to the original design files
  • Path Optimizer to optimize up to 60% of un-tufted moves
  • Adding or replacing vectors management rules
  • Windows Seven, Vista and XP compatible (32-bit and 64-bit)

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