Booria Dobby Designer has efficiently simplified the process of designing woven fabrics, dobbies, plaids, colorways and realistic fabric simulation.



This creative software is a dedicated package for dobby fabric development, which offers a complete control over every aspect of the weaving process. Also a yarn database is available with support for fancy yarns and special yarn constructions.




Booria Dobby Designer offers a full complement of printed weaving technical specifications. Many of our customers have already replaced most of the traditionally hand-generated paper work, with digitally calculated and generated printouts. This enhanced speed and efficiency allows Booria users to dramatically increase the number of designs that can be processed for manufacturing, not to mention eliminating calculation mistakes.




highly realistic fabric simulation using different yarn constructions and yarn types is one of the most precious features available. You should just enter the correct design information and let Booria Dobby Designer show you what you will get from the loom, without any lengthy calculations.




  • Reduces the design cycle.
  • Increase creativity.
  • Guarantees excellent quality presentations of the manufactured product.
  • Avoids or speeds up sampling.
  • User friendly and easy to use, both for professional and also intermediate users.




  • Simultaneous creating and editing of multiple designs.
  • Interactive editing of design parts (threading, tie up, peg-plan, warp and weft).
  • Multiple steps of Undo/Redo.
  • Custom-colored grids can be applied to the Weave and





  • Change construction without changing the pattern or vice versa.
  • Design custom weaves on point paper.
  • Apply any weave to your design from the weave library (approx. 500 weaves).
  • Work in actual scale on any monitor.
  • Automatic calculation of threading and peg-plan information.
  • Print multiple blankets and colorways.
  • Analysis of the design on the basis of a given construction.
  • Yarn database for storage of yarn constructions.
  • Selection of the following yarn textures: MoulineMelangeTwist and Slub.




  • Show the design in the correct end (picks ratio which is user specified) by the use of aspect correction.
  • Yarns edit function for colors, twist and size.
  • Capability to change twists, color and thickness of yarns.
  • Lifelike simulations.
  • Instant display of yarn modifications in simulation.

Related Informations

Step1: Define yarn colors

download (1)

Step2: Define Warp & Weft patterns

download (2)

Step 3: Get the result in integer mode

download (3)

Step 4: Define yarns

download (4)

Step 5: Get the simulated design

Preparation of weight reports of material consumption and final price

The possibility of viewing the fabric virtually before production

Textured print, punch card, threading and simulated fabric

It has thread, texture and color archives to increase design speed and design variety

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