Booria Carpet Studio has been developed specially for creating and managing colorations, printed catalogues, E-Catalogues (Electronic catalogues), virtual images in 3D decorative presentations, complete technical and commercial reports, which all are the high marketing expense in carpet industry.




Booria Carpet Studio is a professional tool for machine-made and hand-made carpet and rug producers, which efficiently supports the engineering, designing, marketing and sales groups to stay ahead in the rapidly shrinking business cycle of carpets. Also, it is a great tool for interior designers.




The particular features of this creative set of tools offers various facilities, which all can be provided in the same package with maximum functionality.



  • The possibility of creating up to 64colorways for each design
  • Creating group of designs
  • 3D carpet and rug texture mapping
  • Generating life-like 3D images of carpets and rugs for decorative presentations.
  • Efficient presentation software for carpets and rugs manufacturers.
  • Efficient presentation software for carpets and rugs manufacturers.
  • The ability of decision-making on design and colors, pre-production and even pre-sampling.
  • Efficient tool for sales and marketing team.
  • Considerable cut in costs and time.



  • 3D Model maker
  • The management and authoring of the required files for E-Catalogues
  • Archiving and organizing the products for E-Catalogue, on your own way.
  • Defining 12 technical and commercial details for each carpet design.
  • Easy to use wizard for management of the files for creating E-Catalogues in CD-Card
  • Creating Printed Catalogues with your ideal makes up, in bounded amount
  • The ability of creating printed catalogues with your desired makes up and layout by demand.
  • Save considerably on massive and expensive cataloguing.
  • Simply print the generated catalogues according to your ideal styles, in bounded amount.
  • Easy to use and fast solution for creating and updating of printed catalogues.
  • Easy to change and save the layouts.
  • Only by one single step you can replace different backgrounds or change the styles to provide various brochures with desired make up, upon to request.
  • Providing complete technical reports regarding weight, statistics and costs of used materials
  • Easy to prepare a complete report regarding different technical and commercial specifications of products, according to the main details you’ve first provided.
  • The verification of manufacturing parameters and the resulting alternations on cost and quality, only by one simple click.
  • Efficiently control fabrication plans to inspection requirements.
  • Avoid overrun or lack of raw material (Jute, Pile …) by using cost and schedule report.
  • Specially effect on capital investment by coordination with merchandizing group.
  • Production facility and capacity loading.
  • Avoids additional yarn orders to balance the process.
  • Coming with Booria E-Catalogue…

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