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Designs as one of the precious belongings of carpet industry should be kept and handled precisely with a lot of attention.

What if the designs are lost or copied and became available? All your efforts of your company to be creative are gone.

We as one the leaders of software providers for carpet industry come up with a solution for this subject called “Carpet Design Archives”.

With this solution not only you can store and protect your design in safe location but also you can access to different functional reports.




Storing designs in right place accompanied with correct information, enables designers and carpet producers to create important reports regard the: customer, Colors, Sizes, collections and all their combinations.

Our solution besides all these features has important, unique feature; accessibility levels for different designers. Head of design department can define every day who has the righ to access which design. He/she also can measure and control activity of designers. Access level to copy, edit or view a design make designing process under the control of head of design department.


Ability to archives all your design in a secure, protectable Database

Ability to define access levels for different users (designers) to reach data

Ease of search and find right design for your right need

Store all related files with your design in same place like EP files, Production data, Sizes of the base design and etc

Create exact and precise reports for decision making

Ability to control and measure design department activity

Allocate right designer to related design


How to Store Designs;

1- Coding
Coding step is done once and over. User can create all important design parameters in its company then save them. User can set collections, introduce colors, sizes, materials and define customers and designers in database. All defined data are used in next process

2- Storing
Users can store designs in our Sql database with some clicks regard the previous coding. Our software can calculate percentage of each color in design automatically while storing a design. In this step user can also relate all related files like EP, Word, BMP and etc to base designs

3- Reports
User can set the parameters needed for report by some clicks. Then software can create related and correct reports for further usage of managers. For instance it is easy to create a report to find out which customer order which color, motifs and sizes more often and which customer likes designs of which designer!

If you need any more information, please leave a message and our customer support team will contact you as soon as possible

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