Booria Carpet Designer is the most advanced carpet design software, which is able to meet all demands of professional carpet and rug designers.

This advanced carpet designing software is coming with flexible and comprehensive set of drawing tools and a great range of functions and features, which are increasing design productivity.

Outstanding library of ready to use motifs and design repeats, with more than thousands of objects, enable designers to develop the greatest and most fantastic combination of designs very quickly.

Moreover, unique features include easy drag and drop facilities with automatic transparency setting for selected motifs of library, enabling you to create your desired designs at the speed of your thought.




Booria Carpet Designer 10: Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP 32-bit and 64-bit
with new Graphic User Interface


By using Booria Carpet Weaver you can convert machine-made carpet designs into machine specific production data supporting, single, double and triple rapier, face to face and incorporate techniques with a large range of weave sets.



New Border Wizard function for converting existing designs into
new sizes or shapes just by a few clicks!


For hand-made carpet designs, by Booria Carpet Print you will be able to print your designs in different ways.
Meanwhile Advanced Carpet Simulation can simulate the designs before production.



Booria Carpet Designer 10: with new Background Layer option in Pro+ edition


Coming with a new different vision to provide the powerful carpet designing solution with affordable price and high performance/cost ratio, Booria Carpet Designer will provide you the maximum flexibility and guarantee a full control on designing process.



Carpet Simulation in Booria Carpet Designer



  • Border Wizard
  • Pile & loop Simulation
  • Symmetry drawing tools
  • Multi-Color Gradient Tool
  • Patterned Gradient
  • Photo Color Reduction
  • Vintage Effect
  • Book Shelf
  • Import EP File
  • Color Harmony
  • Color Report
  • Chromatone
  • More Features





  • Maximum flexibility
  • User friendly and easy to use solution.
  • Increase creativity and design productivity.
  • Meet all professional requirements in the field of carpet designing and production.
  • Affordable price with high performance/cost ratio.

If you need any more information, please leave a message and our customer support team will contact you as soon as possible

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