carpet designer print

Printing carpet designs function is specially developed to fulfill the hand-made carpet and rug producers’ requirements.

Easily create your design by Booria Carpet Designer and print it in your desired way which your carpet weavers are familiar with it.



Coming with Booria Carpet Designer, this function is utilized with different kind of printing methods – even special weaving codes like Talam (or Tallam) for Pakistani carpet weavers – which capable users to print in different ways and make the software the flexible one.

The size of a printer is not important any more and you could print your designs in Color or Black and White (B&W) mode, with Color or Black & White inkjet or laser printers in any size even with a regular A4 printer.

Print Samples:



Normal printing with grid lines



Grid line with the first color indexes printing



Grid line with all color indexes printing



Color index printing (B&W)



The first color indexes printing (B&W)



RLE (Run Length Encoding) printing



TALAM printing for Pakistani carpet weavers (B&W)

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