• Carpet Designer
    Softwares for Carpet Industry
    Booria Carpet Designer
    An Ideal Solution From the Land of Carpet
  • RoboTuft
    Machineries for Carpet Industry
    Booria Robotuft (e-Tuft)
    No Limit for Creativity
  • Dobby Designer
    Softwares for Textile Weaving
    Booria Dobby Designer
    Powerful Creative Design Tool
  • Floor Covering
    Softwares for Floor Covering
    Booria Parquet and Tile Studio
    Outstanding Tool for Parquet Marketing

    Booria Solutions:

Booria CAD/CAM Systems is specialized in developing CAD/CAM solutions and industrial automation. This company is coming with a new different vision to provide the powerful CAD/CAM and industrial automation solutions with affordable price and high performance/cost ratio.

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