"Besides the advance solutions Booria offers us, their excellent support, training, customer service and flexibility in terms of adding new features based on customers’ needs quickly, make us rely on Booria",
said Mr. Reza Hamidi Chairman and CEO of Mashad Carpet.

"We need a solution to show a customer the final result in its desired decoration and Booria Carpet Studio and E-Catalogue is a great help",
said Mr. Zakipour, sales Manager of Setareh Kavir.

"We have tried many different modern design solutions, but the software which fulfilled our special requirements for handmade carpet and rug is Booria Carpet Designer",
said Mr. Homayoun Farhadian.

"We are as Cinar Hali using Booria Carpet Designer drawing software in the process of producing carpets which each of them is art by itself. Just not because supporting basically the drawing of a carpet but continuous updates and instant customer respond, we recommend it highly",
said Mr. Mehmet Çınar, General Director of Çınar Halı.


"The present features of Booria Carpet Designer package support our designer team and enable them to design detailed classical motifs with very nice color tunes and we would like to express our satisfaction with the gained results of Booria application",
said Mr. Izak Eskinazi, General Director of Golden Carpet.



"At Sumer Carpet, production is carried out based on the archive which has 4850 of original Turkish Carpets designs. Our designs consists of both the traditional and modern styles. These designs were being prepared by our designers using ordinary software until 2005, before the purchase of Booria Carpet Designer.In the mean time we are able to create carpet designs faster and easier now",
said Mr. Fahrettın Kayıpmaz, General Director of Sumer Carpet.



"The factor that distinguishes Booria from the peer companies is customer service. Providing sufficient training sessions for the users of their products is the key which complementary to their advanced products",
said Mr. Ghasem Nadjafi, member of board of directors of Savin Carpet Company.

"We do not cooperate with Booria just as an advanced and high tech company for CAD software; we usually propose our ideas to make them find a solution. This is why we consider Booria as our trustable source for new technologies",
said Mr. Hakimi, Managing Director of Sahand Carpet Co.

"As a customer we have to admit that Booria has been with us from the beginning and we are very happy to have made them our first choice",
said Mr. Hossein Attaran, Managing Director of Carpet Heritage.

"Han Halı carpet designs are created today by Booria Carpet Designer Pro which is a perfect software allowing us to work faster and easier",
said Mr. Erhan Or, Managing Director of Han Hali.

"Booria software products and experts points of view always help us to have creativity and apply them to production easily",
said Mr. Nadjafi, General Manager of Tehran Carpet