Booria Parquet Studio has been developed specially for creating virtual images in 3D decorative presentations, preparing printed catalogues, Parquet E-Catalogues (Electronic catalogues) for the wood flooring and parquet industry.

Booria Parquet Studio - 3D Mapping

Samples of 3D mapped images by Booria Parquet Studio

Booria Parquet Studio is coming with 12 different predefined layouts of parquets.

The particular features of this creative set of tools offers various facilities, which all can be provided in the same package with maximum functionality.


3D Parquet and Ceramic Texture Mapping:
. Generating life-like 3D images of Parquets and ceramics for decorative presentations
. Easy to browse and selecting Parquet, ceramic and stone layout for producing different Parquet, ceramic and stones arrangements
. Changing the colors and width of the grouts
. Grouping Parquets, ceramics and stones with the same dimensions
. Changing the Parquet, ceramic and stone of the wall and floor of the model with any desired layouts
3D Model Maker:
. Creating new rooms and setting quickly, just in a few minutes!
. Imports scanned and digital photos
. Easily create mask layers
. Create different layers for different parts of the model
. Easy to use
  Coming With Booria E-Catalogue:
. The most modern, prestigious and light weighted
. Avoid big, heavy and expensive paper catalogues
. Helps you to manage orders faster and smoother
. Quick respond to customers demands
. Guaranteed security for your designs
. Duplicating E-Catalogues on demand
. Easy to change and save the layouts
. Easy to use, create and updating
. Linking to the website
. Cost saving
  The management and authoring of the required files for E-Catalogues:
. Archiving and organizing the products for E-Catalogue, on your own way
. Defining 12 technical and commercial details for each product.

Printed catalogue creating with your ideal makes up, in bounded amount:

. The ability of creating printed catalogues with your desired makes up and layout by demand.
. Save considerably on massive and expensive cataloguing.
. Simply print the generated catalogues according to your ideal styles, in bounded amount
. Easy to use, create and updating.
. Easy to change and save the layouts.
. Only by one single step you can replace different backgrounds or change the styles to provide various brochures with desired make up, upon to request.
  Creating Group of Designs:
. Create different design and images in one Set file.
. Create catalogue files with different shapes and sizes of one design.
. Naming different colorways and also existence colors of each design, separately.