New features and enhancements on Booria Carpet Designer 10.45

  • New "Print Mask" function for masking colors and indexes in print which can be saved in TIF file format, a new function for emphasizing different materials with close color shades (Pro and Pro+ only)
  • New "Half Grid" option on "Grid Lines" tab
  • New "Persian and Arabic numbers" option in "Point Paper" tab

Carpet Designer - Half Grid option

Half Grid option

Carpet Designer - Printing O on masked colors

Persian and Arabic numbers

  • New "Diffuse" option in Carpet Simulation dialog
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on: (Robotuft only)
  • Viewing list of used Row Spacing in "Layer Manager Statistics"
  • New "Zoom to Selection" option in Vector list
  • New "Convert 3D fills to 2D" function
  • "Offset Fill" can be defined zero.
  • New "As Background" option in "Area selection" of Vectorizer tool for easy Over-tuft designing
  • New "Simplify Vectors" option in "Import Vector File"
  • New "Delete Smoothing Nodes" function in Edit tab
  • New "Remove Layer" function in Layer Manager
  • Enhancement on switching between different options on Backstage view
  • Some bugs has been fixed

Print Samples:

Carpet Designer - Masked colors with indexes

Masked colors with indexes

Carpet Designer - Printing index of masked colors

Printing index of masked colors

Carpet Designer - Printing O on masked colors

Printing O on masked colors