Features of Version 10.x

  • New GUI (Graphical U`ser Interface) and compatible with Windows 10
CarpetDesign - GUI

New GUI in Version 10

  • New Backstage view user interface for file management and printing
  • New History dialog to show the history of editing with easy undo and redo management
  • New Vintage Effect filter to create the vintage designs just by one click! Coming with 50 different predefined effects which all of them are customizable.
CarpetDesign - Vintage

Vintage Effect in Pro+ edition

  • New Repeat View mode for editing the wall to wall and seamless designs
  • New Import EP files (converting EP files into Bitmap files nomater was is the weave structure and Jacquard type)
CarpetDesign - EP File Import

Import EP files in Pro+ edition

  • New Pen Pressure and Pen Eraser support of WACOM tablets
  • New features and enhancements in Robotuft add-on:
  • New GUI (Graphical User Interface) with Backstage view user interface for file management and printing
  • New Book Shelf for saving up to 4 designs on it! Now you can keep all data of four different designs in your Book Shelf and you can recall the desired layers or vectors into any other designs with several options.
  • New Multi Select facilities! Now you can select several vectors in one layer and you can copy and paste it easily from one layer to another layer or same layer.
  • Major enhancements on Transform tool and now you can do the different transforms (move, flip, rotate, scale and …) on several selected vectors
  • New Rasterize function
  • and more ...
CarpetDesign - print

Backstage view GUI in version 10

  • New "Print Mask" function for masking colors and indexes in print which can be saved in TIF file format, a new function for emphasizing different materials with close color shades (Pro and Pro+ only)
Half Grid option

Half Grid option

  • New "Half Grid" option on "Grid Lines" tab
  • New "Persian numbers" option in "Point Paper" tab


. Maximum flexibility.
. User friendly and easy to use solution.
. Increase creativity and design productivity.
. Meet all professional requirements in the field of carpet designing and production.
. Affordable price with high performance/cost ratio.
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